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Steps to ACUME Certification

There are 3 steps to achieve ACUME certification.  Each is outlined in detail below.


Step A:  submit the application, letters of recommendation and application fee

Step B:  create and submit your portfolio

Step C:  take and pass the monitored assessment

A complete application packet consists of:

* Completed application form with signed confidentiality and validation statement

* Two letters of recommendation: one from your clerkship director, physician leader, direct supervisor, or course director

   (required); second from Dept. Chair, Vice Chair, Associate Chair, Dean, or Senior Leader at your instituion 

* $250.00 application fee

Complete application packets should be scanned and emailed to:

Once your application has been received, the Board of Directors will promptly review your submission. You will then be notified regarding the status and next steps for completing the certification. You will also be assigned a mentor at that time. Your mentor will provide support and guidance throughout the certification process. Applicants have 3 years to complete the certification process.


Once your application has been approved, you should begin to work on your portfolio. Please work with your mentor - s/he will assist you and provide feedback and guidance. Once finalized, your portfolio should be submitted to the ACUME Board of Directors for approval. 


Monitored Assessment

Once your portfolio has been approved by the ACUME Board of Directors, you are eligible to take the monitored assessment. The assessment covers LCME requirements, and information from the Clerkship Administrators Guidebook.  The assessment is 'open book' and you will be provided with hyperlinks to resources prior to the start of the exam. Assessments are scheduled on an individual basis.  Please work with your mentor to schedule your assessment.  

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