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Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire


The ACUME Certification was created by a group of Clerkship Administrators/Coordinators who were seeking a robust professional development opportunity to meet the needs of Administrators/Coordinators. Finding none, they decided to create their own and ACUME was born.

We are proud to share that the AAMC supports all certification programs for Administrators/ Coordinators, as does the ACUME Board of Directors.

What makes ACUME unique?

  • ACUME is the certification that was developed by Administrators/ Coordinators for Administrators/ Coordinators

  • ACUME was designed to provide a robust professional development opportunity for Administrators/ Coordinators

  • ACUME promotes the development of leadership skills and the enhancement of your current talents

  • ACUME provides mentorship throughout  the certification process by matching applicants with an ACUME member

  • ACUME is a nonprofit organization and the Board members are all volunteers

  • The ACUME Board of Directors are comprised of existing Administrators/ Coordinators - we do the same work that you do!

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest! We hope you'll join us in your journey! 

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